Can showmanship be part of a meal? Kiin Kiin, Copenhagen

Can showmanship be part of a meal? Yes it can.

I never would have learnt that showmanship could be such an important element for a Michelin experience, until Kiin Kiin.

It was earlier this February when I had their Valentine’s tasting menu, and to this day, I have gushed about their theatrics and delightful dishes to many of my friends. So, why not share it here!

Kiin Kiin is apparently the only Michelin-starred Thai restaurant.

When we arrived, we were ushered into a lounge area, which is reminiscent of a lobby at a luxury spa. While waiting we were served light snacks.

The storytelling experience starts here. Each dish had a story to it.

One of the most memorable moments from that evening, was when one of the waiters came by with a covered dish, and asked if we ever smelled the streets of Bangkok. As he uncovered it, white smoke dissipated the street aroma of Bangkok; a mix of street food and traffic. You can imagine how my eyes and mouth went wide in amazement.

The other memorable moment was inspired by, of course, the fine sandy beaches of Thailand. Cradling a bowl of warm sesame “sand” to us, the waiter swooshed the bowl skillfully to reveal pieces of cashew cookies before our eyes. Magic show or what!


Cashew meringue cookie Kiin Kiin

It didn’t end there. What happened during the next few dishes during the dinner, was just surprises one after another.

Theme of the night – what you see might probably not be what you get.

Like these moving leaves🍃at dinner (Click to see video). The cotton candy 🍭 melted totally at the end and it became a sweet spicy salad dish. 22782879808_d6b4aee2f3

Dinner @ Kiin Kiin
Guldbergsgade 21, 2200 København N, Denmark

Review Summary
Cuisine: Thai with Nordic twist
Price: $$$
Style: Luxe spa
Mood: Romantic
Service: Professional & passionate storytellers


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