The Savoy Grill – Gourmet Glamour

If you are a foodie and often find yourself drooling over cooking programmes, you’ll definitely think of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay if you visit in London. A friend recommended The Savoy Grill, for some affordable fine dining while getting the Gordon Ramsay experience.

“Winston Churchill cutting a Cuban. James Dean cutting a dash. And Marilyn Monroe cutting a steak. Home to hundreds of years of Hollywood and history, the Savoy Grill restaurant has seen some of the world’s most famous faces pass through its gilded doors at the world famous Savoy Hotel. And that’s not even mentioning Frank, Oscar or Queen Elizabeth herself… Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay is the very definition of ‘gourmet glamour.’”

It only opens at 12noon, so there’s no need to be earlier than that. Book online, and since it’s in a fine dining setting, be sure to avoid flip flops, caps and shorts, even if you’re totally in the “summer-travel-light” mood. (I didn’t insist for Nikolaj to dress up – He dressed smart-casual, with his unstyled hair in a cap. He was then told to remove his cap at the restaurant and had to sit through the meal with unruly ruffled hair. Haha!!)

2-course Lunch menu + an extra main to share
The portions were a good size – we were so full after.

Nikolaj had:
Beetroot cured salmon –> I had serious food envy after seeing it
Chargrilled sirloin steak

For me:
Chicken oyster –> this does not contain oysters, it refers to a part of the chicken thigh
Poached Cod – Fresh, thick juicy fish always wins for me.

We shared:
Herdwick lamb en croûte – It was delicious, but i’m not really a fan of the lamb taste, so I only took a piece.

Declined dessert, but they still offered us mini financiers and sorbet, on the house. That might be because we mentioned that the steak had a lot of fiber and was difficult for biting. They also offered a complimentary bellini and bread at the start of the meal.

Was it Expensive? Yes, a little, but for the service we got, the really great experience, and the tasty meal – it was all worth it.

Lunch @ Savoy Grill
avoy Hotel, Strand, London, WC2R 0EU

Review Summary
Cuisine: British, French
Price: $$$ – Spent about £100 for 2
Style: Old World Fine Dining
Mood: Romantic, Elegant
Service: Slick and professional


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