Fish with head & tail, didn’t expect this in Stockholm’s hipster bar

Named after Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, this place is a must-go in Stockholm for those who wants to hang where the local cool peeps hang. Of course, more than that, you’ll walk away with satisfied bellies and palates.

Recommended by a friend who frequents Stockholm, this is a meeting place for a night out from pre-drinks to a wholesome dinner, to the after-party. In her words, “where you can get Southern comfort food at where the local young folks go.”

When we arrived, I was surprised to find ourselves in a lively retro-styled bar (even the bartender had aviator glasses ala Napolean Dynamite), with huge neon “Marie Laveau” across, behind the bar.

marie-laveau-bar_2803-620x414 <image from>

We found out that there was a restaurant section that we could choose to sit at. Though it was packed on that Wednesday night, we decided to sit within reach of the draft taps and snugged ourselves into a small space at the bar. 

Their menu was English-friendly, so my decision went quick to the fish, since I don’t get much of it these days! Boy was I surprised when it came.


With the head & tail!! Didn’t expect this in Europe!
I was so glad. The fish almost tasted like the sambal stingray we have in Singapore. It was definitely fresh, and cleaned properly. I had it with Baked sweet potatoes, and corn. My colleague had “Marie’s Classic Chili”- which was a confit of Prime Rib.. if men love a rich meat, then this is gonna be good.

A meal that exceeded expectations since I earlier anticipated burgers and fries. Coupled with the lightest beer they had on tap, Falcon Lager. Hm….. Happy.


Dinner @ Marie Laveau
Hornsgatan 66 118 21 Stockholm, Södermalm

Review Summary
Cuisine: Louisiana, American 
Price: $$ – Main, Side & Beer for 344SEK (USD40)
Style: Retro, Bistro
Mood: Lively
Service: Fun, Energetic


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