Formel B: A Michelin-star experience affordable and unpretentious

After searching for “Affordable Michelin-star restaurants” in danish(Billigste Michelin restaurant) , we found ourselves making the reservations for Formel B. Very conveniently, we selected the available reservation timing on their site, and started to look forward to our Friday evening. A staff called on Friday afternoon, and very warmly reminded us about our booking.

We were welcomed by friendly staffs and a cosy ambience. There was about 13 items on the menu, and it was recommended that we had 3-6 courses each. This is what we had, with the choice of fruity white wine (2013 Cheverny,”La Bodice”, Hervé Villemade, Loire):

  1. Salted Cod with fresh hazelnuts, crispy celery and apples
    Didn’t take a photo of that. It was intricately put together and tasted of Spring. Still wondering about how they carved the ribbon-strip-like celery.
  2. Danish lobster with Jerusalem artichoke, crudité and lobster vinegar with ginger

    Of garlic crunch and fresh lobster. Dip em in vinegar sauce. Hmm Hmm.

  3. Roasted turbot with parsley/garlic sauce and braised veal tails

    breaded wh

    Breaded white fish, atop stewed veal. Never thought this combination would be ideal.

  4. Mallard with new carrots, wild mushrooms, elderflower and vadouvan
    It was a fatty, succulent piece, lending balance from the hint of indian curry blend.
  5. Fallow deer with baked beets, pickled plums, chestnut and smoked sauce

    juicy tender game which went very well with the slightly sour beetroot. of course the mix of chestnut and plum balances the palates, so that I want more!

Prior to our dishes, they offered to us complimentary starters which consisted of: a refreshing dumpling filled with cheese with probably cucumbers, pork crackling with beet sauce, beef jerky.

Definitely a set to get you started and wanting.

Verdict: I would recommend this to any beginners seeking a Michelin-star experience. (That was me!) It was unpretentious, and they took the effort to ensure the service was in English.


Dinner @  Formel B
Vesterbrogade 182, 1800 Frederiksberg C

Review Summary
Cuisine: Nordic 
Price: $$$ – Total bill for 2, including tea: 1070DKK (USD163)
Style: Modern, italian minimal, restaurant
Mood: Romantic, Not too formal, unpretentious
Service: Attentive & friendly


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