Nam Nam – Can Singaporean dishes can get anymore fusion than this?

4 course “Singaporean” meal for about $60. Because you never ever say no to Chili crab. It was spicy, but italian-tasting, and you have a pita bread to scoop up the sauce. Didn’t think that Singaporean dishes can get anymore fusion! If you’re missing Jumbo seafood Sri Lankan Chili Crab and Mantous – then this will not be what you’re looking for. They were more like blue crabs with thinner pincers. The good thing was that the shell was softer, so you won’t have to worry about shell flakes flying about when you use the nutcracker.

Curry chicken was more like a stew, but the sauce was so good I wanted more rice with it!

Namnam CPH menu

Crab was not singaporean enough, chicken was not nyonya spicy enough. they ran out of prawns spring rolls, so we have the chicken version instead. oh well. I can’t complain – it was a worthwhile meal still. And why was the title Penang?


Dinner @  Nam Nam
Colbjørnsensgade 15, 1652 Copenhagen

Review Summary
Cuisine: Fusion, Singapore, Straits asian

Price: $$$
Style: Modern 
Mood: Buzzing on a Friday night
Service: Good & Responsive


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