Fu Hao for Dim Sum in Copenhagen – pick wisely

After hearing fellow Singaporean friends talk about Fu Hao, I had to try it for myself. The sense of expectancy was further heightened seeing the slightly friendlier price tag compared to another dim sum restaurant I went to.

So we ordered the usuals. If you claim to be a dim sum restaurant, then you cannot fail these:

Har Gao (Prawn wrapped in steam rice roll)
Siew Mai (Minced pork & prawn dumpling with fish roe)
Fu Pei Guen (Minced pork/prawn wrapped in fried beancurd) -> Crispy! whoop whoop!
Lo Bo Gao (Fried turnip cake) -> don’t bother with this

I loved the Siew Mai! It was huge, tender and I liked that it was topped with mushroom – not very common. Which also means that, they probably made it themselves, rather than using those from readymade frozen packs.

And we tried to be adventurous with:

Xiao long bao (Steamed minced pork juicy dumpling) -> don’t bother with this. Why do they even have this on the menu?!!
Chao zhou fen guo (Steamed dumpling with prawn,pork,Chinese mushroom and bamboo shoot) -> if you’re into having some veg crunch in the little packets, then go for it
Fried Nai Huang bao (Fried bun with custard filling) -> I prefer the steamed version. 

Verdict: Overall, I would say the experience can be really good if you pick the menu items wisely. I’ll definitely visit again – and the next time round I’d be sure to order the “safe” items.


Dinner @  Fu Hao 富豪
Colbjørnsensgade 15, 1652 Copenhagen

Review Summary
Cuisine: Chinese, Cantonese

Price: $$ – Total bill for 2, including tea: 382DKK (USD57)
Style: Tea house, restaurant
Mood: Buzzing on a Friday night
Service: Good & Responsive


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