Copenhagen in two days

There’s so much to do and see in Copenhagen that you might not know where to start. And the most efficient way when you travel around, is of course, to plan a route. If you take this suggested itinerary, you will save time and might not need to spend on public transport (that is, if you pace yourself and do coffee stops)

I’ve plotted out the places on the map – remember to get your tourist map from the airport when arrive, and you can transfer the route over.

Day 1

1. Christiansborg palace (there are some museums there)

2. Walk to Nyhavn, take the canal tours, there will be a lot to learn and see.Have a Danish lunch (smørrebrød) , and people-watch while here at Nyhavn.

3. Continue the day shopping on Strøget, Europe’s longest pedestrian street.


Day 2

1. You can start your day at the Little Mermaid statue.

2. Walk to Amalienborg Palace.. from here, you will also see the marble church (Frederik’s Church). Catch the changing of the Guards at Amalienborg Palace, which takes place daily at noon.

3. Proceed to Rosenborg palace. If you’ve prepared some snacks and a picnic mat, spend time relaxing in the huge park.

4. Return to city centre, TIVOLI time! Take the rides or just go around taking photos because the gardens are simply beautiful.


Of course, there’s still much more to see and do in Copenhagen, and even more so, if you can take some time to travel out of the city. However, if you just have two days, the above route is what I would suggest to make the most out of the trip!



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