Grøn Koncert 2015 – Music festival experience to inspire Singapore

Grøn Koncert 2015 Valbyparken

Grøn Koncert 2015 Valbyparken

My first music festival in Denmark – and I’m blown away by their world-class musicians! There were 16,000 who came to this paid concert, and it was a local event. Denmark, like Singapore, has 5 million people too. I wonder when would come a time when such a big crowd would come toghether for a paid concert to watch local artists?

Discovered two artists, Christopher & Lukas Graham, which are now going to be in my playlist on repeat!

Though I’ve not heard Christopher before, his music just sent me off on dancing feet.  He was a mash of Prince, disco, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake… At the show, he played his latest song (which I believe is unreleased) – I am so in love with that!

Lukas Graham was the crowd favourite. His way of story-telling with songs are really captivating. Playing with him was the “Rusty Trombones”, which forms the brass section of his band.

Seeing these great performances, it just reminds me that it requires more than a one person effort to put up a good show. Beyond the “star” or the lead singer, the backup band is the real reason why the lead looks good! The drummer, the guitars, the stunning brass section – they all make up that beautiful sound that gets you so happy.

At the festival, almost everyone had one of these, which comes with a handy beer holder:
festival chair

It was a time not just for head-banging youths, but also for friends, family, young and old! You’ll find them nestled on blankets and picnic sheets, toddlers running around the grass.

Obviously after a festival like that, you’ll find loads of beer cups and cans littered around. (In Singapore, we pretty much pick up our own litter, cos we are trained that way) They devised a smart solution to get people to pick up trash! Long lines of children queuing up at this counter with bags of empty cans & bottles:

gron-koncert pantbod

“pantbod” = Refund stall 

They get to earn some pocket money by exchanging these trash for recycling!

And also… for the first time, it is legal to piss in the public – there is a segregated area for men who prefer nature over plastic cubicles, where one can line themselves with other men to “water” the soil.
Anyway, this experience was so good that I decided to make a video!


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