Harris Waterfront and its little friends – I’ll never visit Batam again.

The Agoda review form asked what were top 3 things good about the resort. I was kind.

I listed: friendly staff, nice Korean restaurant, bowling alley.

This vacation was horrendous. It was so bad I booked 3 nights, and left after the second night. I even had to forfeit the ferry tickets that I booked for following day.

I booked Harris Waterfront resort primarily due to its proximity to the Cable Ski park.

Before I launch into my nasty experience, I would like to say I’ve had friends and family who had rather good reviews about the resort. but… how can I be this unlucky?

We were given the Cabana, which were rooms in standalone huts. On the first night of my stay, I was stung at least 10 times by mosquitoes.

Seeing that maybe we could avoid being stung by pulling down the cloth shields(photo below) around the bed, I gave it a chance for the second night. I also sprayed the area around our bed with Baygon(I’m not sure if the fumes could be bad for our health?)

Photo from Azl_’s Gastronomical Travelogue

Still, I went to bed bitten by mosquitoes. How annoying is it to keep hearing them buzz around your ears in the dark?! Apart from mosquitoes and lizards around the resort, we found a new friend. Besides waking up several times attempting to kill the mozzies, my partner also got woken by something crawling up his body in bed.

Welcome to Harris Waterfront

A COCKROACH. That was it.

I was already beginning to fall ill on the second night, by the third day, I felt worse. I complained about it to the staff, but nobody offered service recovery or refund for the following night. I didn’t get to cable ski, and it was the worst holiday ever. I don’t even dare think about returning to Batam again.


One response to “Harris Waterfront and its little friends – I’ll never visit Batam again.

  1. Oh my god. That sounds absolutely horrible. A cockroach in your hotel bed… incredible that they didn’t offer a refund. I hope you’ll have more enjoyable holidays in the future 🙂

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