Supperclub with Paul Hallet

Supper Club with Paul Hallet - EquinoxSupperClub with Paul Hallet

Appetizer Paired with Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial.
Canapés: Blue cheese + Caramalised Onion + Walnut
Heirloom Tomatoes + Kalamata Olive + Preserved Lemon
Compressed Watermelon + Chickpeas + Fried Buckwheat

Supperclub with Paul Hallet

 The bubbly stimulated the palate to kickstart the evening’s feast.  A stir of flavours from the three – savoury, sour and sweetness in one little piece, and the interesting watermelon trinket to rinse off the respite of the blue cheese.

Entrée Paired with Schloss Vollrads Riesling Kabinett 2012 Germany

The refreshing and fruity riesling has a slight spiced note. Great way to complement the tuna. Put that mashed tuna with chewy tapioca balls in your mouth..and let the flavours roll over your tongue.
The tuna is freshly cut by Chef Paul Hallet just after canapés. As he demonstrated the ‘center cut’, he also explained that no lemon will be used, as it changes the colour of the fish. The dress was made with soy and ginger.

Tuta Tartar: Cinnamon Tapioca, Chilled Coconut & Lemongrass Juice

The tartar leaves you wanting more..which is a perfect moment for soup. It tastes almost oriental.


Take a bite into the handmade oozes juiciness of the mashed duck fillings. Truffle was subtle. The clear soup was tasty, and are ready for the main stars!

Duck consomme

Duck Consommé: Braised Duck Leg, Truffle Ravioli

Paired with Bastianich Plus 2011 Italy

I felt really guilty having this.. not just in the humanity sense, but also for health reasons. I’ve never had foie gras this huge, but I must say it’s the best I’ve had. It was supple and soft – slice it and the knife slips down easily. It crumbles into liquid in your mouth, like pudding. The tangy rhubarb and bread went well with the rich taste. Had it been a smaller piece, it would have been more enjoyable? (I was forcing myself to finish it)
The Bastianich was rich as well, with mandarin orange and pear, washing down the guilt comfortably.

Slow-Cooked Foie Gras: Spice Pain Perdu, Rhubarb, Candied Hazelnuts

Main course Paired with Silverado Chardonnay 2011, Napa Valley

This, was my favourite. Grilled on the outside. A piece in my mouth, it melts with warmth. Perfection. The Edamame sauce was a pretty touch to the plating, but it went very well with the cod as well. I was already full from the Foie Gras, but this opened up a new level of appetite. The Chardonnay was sweet – maybe a little too sweet, as the cod was pretty subtle in taste.

Supperclub with Paul Hallet

Miso Black Cod: Braised Daikon, Endive, Edamame Purée

Dessert Paired with: Inniskillin, Late Autumn Riesling, 2012 Canada

The floral scent and all that white smoke was sure made a grand entrance. No comments – Dessert can never go wrong. The Inniskillin has a floral note as well.

Poached William Pear: Scented Rooibos Tea, Honey, Lemongrass Sorbet

Poached William Pear: Scented Rooibos Tea, Honey, Lemongrass Sorbet

It was a privilege to be invited to the dinner by Asian Food Channel. The theme for the night was “Food for the Soul”, hosted by Chef Paul Hallet of The Equinox, Swissotel.


Did you know?
The Equinox has its own herb garden. (Which I believe went into the ingredients for the Cod & Foie Gras. In a previous interview with HungryGowhere, he said,
“The thing about the herb garden is that we’re at its will. We only pick products at their best. We can’t say, “I really need basil in my dish today”, because it might not be there. Today, for example, I got pineapple mint and Thai purple basil flowers and worked out where I’ll use them. When we get closer to the night of the dinner, I’ll visit the garden and see what’s ripe for picking.”


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