5-Day No Egg No Milk diet in Singapore

Some months ago, I was plagued with a serious bout of flu. My sinuses and throat were inflamed, and I couldn’t deal with the discomfort. Then I told myself, That’s IT. I have been struggling with this throat and nose irritation all my life, and I need to find out what’s wrong. Went to the doctors, and they told me I have angioedema. I am highly allergic to dust and also a number of painkillers, and sometimes I suspect peanuts too. What happens with Angioedema, is that my insides get inflamed, and I breakout into rashes which sometimes results into ultra puffy eyes.

Took a blood test, which involved sending my samples to Australia. And it turned out, that I was allergic to eggs and milk? I can’t reconcile with that! I’ve always been having eggs and milk-related products, but nothing major has happened. And isn’t it quite impossible to skip these two items? They are practically essential for baking, and also cooking a number of dishes.

Well. Before I dismiss it, I decided to take up a 5-day challenge and see how practical, or useful it is to skip milk and eggs altogether.


Day 1

Wholemeal sandwich with Olive Margarine
Two Jacobs Hi-fibre biscuits


I was really craving for Ban Mian, especially the dried one from BK Eating House, which came with fried egg bits. It is delicious!! Sadly. I had to ease my craving with something else, which also offers the fried texture and rich taste.

This is one of the best I've had. Noodles with tender texture, spiciness was just nice. The fried egg tops it off nicely.

This is one of the best I’ve had. Noodles with tender texture, spiciness was just nice. The fried egg tops it off nicely. It comes with a good portion of spinach too. Image of Youmian grabbed from @silverrockx from instagram. I prefer Banmian. $3.50 for small, and $4.50 for large bowl.

and thought I could get away with this.

Boneless Fried Chicken Rice. A queue usually would have formed up by lunch hour. Halfway through munching into the crispy chicken drenched with sweet sauce… I wondered aloud, “Isn’t the batter for the chicken cooked with egg too?”

Oh man.

image grabbed from burpple user (Edmund) $4


Go for simple economical rice. Had to shop around the neighbourhood coffeeshops a little to find a store that offers me a variety for vegetables and protein. I ended up with Codfish, Curry cabbage and Pakchoy. $3.80.


Day 1 Conclusion:

  • I was getting cranky. I wanted coffee. But I don’t enjoy it without milk. To quench my craving, I had lime juice after lunch.
  • I wanted to snack so badly! After dinner, I wanted chocolate or ice-cream. I tried to ignore the feeling. At 10pm, I succumbed to an apple.
  • Throat was a little itchy after I had the apple.
  • Spent $10.30 in total.


Day 2

Woke up with an itchy throat, which lasted until I had breakfast.

Wholemeal sandwich with Olive Margarine
Luncheon Meat

Iced Lime Ginger Tea from Dome Cafe (i seriously wanted coffee)


Feeling like I had to please myself, especially since it was a Friday. I  wanted some sashimi and vinegar rice. So I headed to Katanashi, at Boat Quay.

A set comes with miso soup & salad, at $12 nett. Image grabbed from Burpple user, Adelina.

Working in the CBD means expensive lunches.. On a budget? On days you need some happy food, here you will find yourself smiling, at the value for money sets, the cute scribblings on the menus and the animated greetings of the staff.

Again, I was thinking of coffee. Went to 7-11 so that I could get soya milk and mix it into black coffee. It wasn’t that good =/ The milk can’t dissolve properly, and particles formed up in the drink.



Needed some time alone on this Friday night, and to work on stuff.

Starbucks – Christmas Turkey Pie & Green Tea Soy Frappuccino $12.30

hopefully there’s no egg/milk used during the baking process?


Day 2 Conclusion:

  • To ease the cravings, I go for comfort food, which are more expensive options.
  • Throat still itches, especially 2 hours after dinner.
  • I searched out recipes for eggless milkless cakes, and considered baking. But I decided to forgo the hassle for now.
  • Spent approximately $34.

Day 3

It’s the weekend! Can I survive this?


Fuji Apple
Two packet of biscuits

win2 potato crisps does not contain milk or egg


Curry Chicken with rice & Pak ChoyCurry Chicken Pakchoy

Can’t concentrate..want some coffee or chocolate.


Met a friend for dinner at Circuit Road Market and was overwhelmed by the number of choices available! Most noodle dishes would contain egg, so I couldn’t go for Zi Char or fried noodles. Fish soup was too boring for me. So I had Satay!

Day 3 Conclusion:

  • Packed my room in the morning, and I was pleasantly surprised. I would usually be sneezing so hard and accumulating a pile of tissues, as I go along the cleaning. I was still sneezing, but it doesn’t feel like its as serious. Maybe it’s working!

Day 4


Went for a 7km run + walk. Enroute back, I got a Green Apple Juice with celery.

Greenapple celery

I usually hate celery. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.


Curry Chicken and potatoes (leftovers from day before)


The hawker centre at Bedok Interchange reopened last week. It is huge! I can’t take the fried oyster omelette, nor can I have wanton noodles. =/ So I went for this: Assam Laksa

assam laksa

Disappointing. I expected more than just fish crumbs. They ran out of laksa noodle, so I took beehoon instead. It was a generous portion of beehoon, but I’m not so keen on the carbs! The soup tasted of assam, but It was more mee siam than assam laksa. Need more SPICE AND FISH!! Come on!

Day 4 Conclusion:

  • I couldn’t deal with the lack of coffee or chocolate. I succumbed to my favourite chocolate after reading that there was no milk in it.
  • I’m missing out on egg as a protein option! This makes me more vulnerable to eat more carbs =(
  • Went to bed with slightly itchy throat.

Day 5


Wholemeal sandwich with Olive Margarine
Two Jacobs Hi-fibre biscuits


What better way to perk up the Monday, than to have the delicious Bak Chor Mee sua at BK Eating House?


Homecooked Fish, Rice and Veggies

OVERALL Conclusion:

  • I was feeling unsatisfied  most of the times- On Day 5, I ordered a large portion at lunch, which is unusual of me.
  • I felt slight improvements, but still went to bed with itchy throat.
  • (Could be) The lack of coffee is degenerating my ability to focus.  Or rather, the awareness of the diet limitations has become stimulus to make me think alot more about coffee, or the things I can’t have. I may end of eating / spending more =(
  • I gave myself a break the next day, and had Burger King’s mushroom swiss (cheese in it), and coffee with milk.


SHOULD I CONTINUE TO AVOID MILK AND EGG? I think I should continue till after Christmas to see if my allergies become better.


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