Calling out to Singers..Be in my next music video!

I need your help for my next music video!

Do you love to sing? Or you simply love to fool around in front of the camera? Or is there a special someone you would like to shoutout to?

Together with my video team, I’m going to make a music video featuring YOU.

A friend of mine told me he loved the song and wanted to sing it for his wife.

I thought, if I could take this further and make this more special, why not? What if I could have everyone join in the fun?  L’amour De Ma Vie is about being in love, and wanting to share about your feelings, and joy.

I want to portray how love can impact people, and the smiles it brings.

Would you join in the fun, and also sing in my next music video?

If you’re interested, here are the steps: 

1. Have a listen to my song L’amour De Ma Vie.


2. Learn how to sing it.

Lyrics here.


3. Video record yourself singing the chorus, from 1:25 – 2:15. Stick to the same key, and speed =)

You could play an instrument and sing it concurrently, or simply do it acapella. If you would like, say a few words about who your loved one is, and why this song is for her/him/it!


4. Upload the video, and email it to me BEFORE 1 DEC via the contact form here!

Or comment on this page, or Facebook message me if you don’t receive a reply in two days.


5. I’ll be compiling the videos and it will be published mid December.

How can we make this video a better one? Share with me your ideas if you have any. I’m aiming to have as many people featured in this video as possible.

Spread the word around if you can, by sharing the URL for this page.


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