Cool homes – Danish Architecture

This part of Copenhagen was very unlike the rest! Nestled quietly away from the heart of traffic and historic buildings, driving into Ørestad almost seemed like time travel into the future. An up and coming space in Copenhagen, this area is still being developed and will serve up to 20,000 residents.  A number of cool architecture sighted here!

8 House by Bjarke Ingels

Challenging a new level of social engagement with the way it integrates residential, commercial and offices, this won the Housing Category at the 2011 World Architecture Festival. Apparently you can walk / cycle all the way from the bottom to your penthouse! (This is what they call, the “elevated street”. Read more on this)

Ørestad Plejecenter

Want to stay here? You need to be interviewed.

This quirky haphazard design caught my eye. I was in love with it. This, is a nursing home! At this home, residents will be able to enjoy the weekly activities organised and also opt to receive care from the staff.

(more photos here.)

Stævnen by Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter

Surrounded by water, and built to look like a ship stern

(more photos here.)

The residential area looks out into Kalvebod Fælled, a preservation site. Imagine, just right beside your neighbourhood, there, you step out, and go into another world again. This time, back into the Viking era – a ship ruin sits out there in the vast golden field.


Kalvebod Fælled – back to the start



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