Just one weekend in Denmark, I had 5 meals I have to tell the world about

#1. All-You-Can-Eat sushi at 198DKK (Est S$50), Takii Sushi

They don’t have sashimi on the menu, but hey, as long as there is salmon sushi after being close to two weeks in Europe, I AM HAPPY.
To minimize wastage, you can only order 10 pieces each round. The selection is pretty wide, and it includes yakitori items and appetizers.

Check out the menu here.

takii sushi

#2. Most delicious Tomato soup ever,  Ristorant Gondola

On the menu it is “Zuppe di Pomodore” and captioned “Danmarks bedste tomatsuppe” (Denmark’s best tomato soup), 49KK

best tomato soup you'll ever have in this lifetime.

I would not deny this dish of its acclaim. After all, we travelled at least 30 minutes out of Copenhagen to have this.

We had it together with this yummy Garlic bread(40DKK)..best combi! :

garlic bread ristorant gondola

#3. 300-gram beef cooked to perfection, Candlelit dinner at Klintekroen


Gourmet food, friendly chef/owner, lovely ambience, insider location. ‘Nuff said.

Romantic dinner Klintekroen

Gourmet food usually = gourmet portions… but this was so huge, even a big guy like N couldn’t finish it!

Gourmet Food = Gourmet Portion


Prime Beef.

Prime Rib Steak, 180DKK. Too manly a portion.



#4. A typical Danish breakfast, fresh from the bakery, Bagværket


Fresh from the Bakery!

The smell. The freshness. Stone-oven baked selection at the corner store.

5. Romantic & Economical Candlelit dinner. Est 150DKK meal for two, at home.

On the menu
Main: Oven-fried rosemary chicken, topped with Mushroom sauce
Side: Cherry Tomatoes, Beetroot & Radish Crisps
Dessert: Chokladboll (Chocolate balls rolled in coconut)
Red wine


Address and Contact number for the restaurants above:

1. Takii Sushi Restaurant
Jagtvej 113 2200 København N
(+45) 388-66666

2. Ristorant Gondola
Smedelundsgade 40A, 4300 Holbæk, Denmark
+45 59 44 61 16
3. Klintekroen
Klintvej 158
4500 Nykøbing Sjælland.
Telefon: 59 32 11 91
4. Bagværket
Tagensvej 185
2400 København NV
+45 3581 6650

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