Cool things I did in London!

#1 Hangout at Covent Garden
I had the best burger ever at The Shake Shack. Great area to shop, and many standup comedy clubs around too.
#2 Visit Bricklane on Sunday Morning – really long indie Sunday Street Market. food & shopping. One of the oldest “beigel” shops here. Take your pick in the fillings, cheese, salmon, bacon, chicken…..hmm. The Beef Beigel is a classic choice for most post-Saturday hungover Londoners.

 Bricklane hipsters
If you are into vinyl, you’ll find some here! And of course, lots of apparel, trinkets and other hipster stuff.
3. Be a Tourist.
St Paul’s Cathedral(I climbed 500+ steps up for the roof view of city)
 St Pauls

Big Ben+ Buckingham Palace (nearby)
IMG_5991 IMG_6027
Museums galore! At South Kensington Station, you will find Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Albert & Victoria Museum..what I missed was the Music Museum, which is closed on Mondays 😦

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