A PR Plan is as simple C, C, C.

NewYork-ice-skatingI love planning stuff. I get really excited every time friends share their business ideas with me, and I can’t help but find myself become a verbal diarrhoea of ideas when they do. Recently, I sat down with another friend who is starting a fashion label. I drawing up mindmaps and timelines for what could potentially be her PR plan for the next year.

My sister, got really interested and asked me what went into the planning. I thought for a bit..and realised, it is really this simple.

3 things. Content, Channels, Communicate.

1. Content

This is really your brand messaging to your desired audience. With that in mind, let your creative juices run wild and come up with stories! Stories that matter to your audience. It can be funny, groundbreaking, or useful. It should bring out the authenticity of your brand. Then, you can start thinking about how they should be presented, in graphics, videos, or simply a story.

2. Channels

Where are your audiences? Social media? If they are — are they predominantly a chatty bunch on Twitter, or snap-happy instagrammers? Or they prefer to be more private? 
Are you trying to reach out to the chichis of the society, who might be members of a concierge club? Are they tired moms who spends most time scuttling between work and their kids? 

Your channels will determine your content, and the kind of format it should be presented.

3. Communicate

For example, you represent a home appliance brand.
Target audience: Newly married ladies who might just be settling into new homes.
Now, you found your audience across facebook, pinterest and forums – ladies who share photos of their new furnished homes on facebook, looking for ideas for design and decor on pinterest, and searching for tips and deals on forums. 

It is now time to communicate with them!
a. start engagement with your content
b. monitor feedback and act on it
c. plan ahead of trends, and start engaging before it happens. 
d. keep the communications going!



Please share your tips on PR and marketing if you have any!



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