Glad I survived Phi Phi! These 3 Things will make your Phi Phi trip worthwhile

1. Good weather

Just a few days before I was going to leave for my summer vacation, I announced happily to a colleague that I was going to Phi Phi Island. Instead of celebrating with me, he warned me of sinking passengers and faulty ferries. He advised that I cancel my trip if the weather was bad.

I was so worried that I would have to forfeit my bookings, and they were already paid for. I crossed my fingers…and survived the trip. Phew!


2. Do a pre-trip booking.

Snorkelling enroute PhiPhi! Phi Phi island tour
Booked through Asiawebdirect, the package covers ferry transfer to and fro Phuket and Phi Phi Don, snorkeling, lunch and two nights stay at the resort of your choice.
Alternatively, you could book it enroute to Phuket…but it is usually a good chance for the prices to marked up, and you might end up with lousy tour operators. You don’t want uncertainties during your vacation!

The bus pick-up from hotel to Phuket Ferry terminal was around 7am. The ferry was packed! If the weather is good, find a shaded area and pile up on the sunscreen. Get ready to be scorched in the 2-hour ride.

It was my first time snorkelling! Snorkelling mask and life jacket are provided, but the staff onboard will encourage you to rent the fins, in case of sea urchin stings.

You’ll see some small-sized fishes here, and a number of sea urchins.

During the ride, the ferry will also circle around Phi Phi Ley Island, where Danny Boyle’s The Beach was filmed (starring Leonardo DiCaprio). The film resulted in a controversial lawsuit as the production team apparently re-scaped the location to make it more “paradise-like”.

By the time we landed on Phi Phi Don Island, we were famished. It must have been 12:30pm? We had a simple lunch at the Phi Phi Hotel.

I thought I could easily get to Phi Phi The Beach Resort from here Ton Sai Bay. I was wrong. The resort was at Long Beach, east end of the island. Since the weather was really good..I wasn’t too afraid to get a longtail boat to the resort. Longtail boat to Long Beach

3. Stay at least 2 nights, in a nice quiet location.

Phi Phi Don is a great location to hang out at, with many quirky cafes, and amazing shopping! (I wished I had more time there) As tempting as that may sound, the purpose of my beach holiday, is to recharge.

We'v arrived!

We’v arrived!

Away from the buzz of Phi Phi Don town, The Beach Resort offered peace and privacy, but not so isolated that you’d feel creepy. The waves were strong, but safe enough for afternoon dips.(Be careful ladies, you might get a nip-slip!)

Guests stay in private cabins perched high from the ground. Just a few metres away from the beach, get lullabied to the waves of the sea as you sleep.

Have your meals at the resort, or stroll along Long Beach to the end, and you will find a romantic alfresco dining location.

Restaurant outside Paradise Pearl at Phi Phi. Photo from my instagram @juliadrums


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