Practice 150 – Start of New Journey

I was talking to my a friend who has been practicing martial arts for close to twenty years. Years of studying and practicing Martial Arts have brought him to places, to teach, and to share his passion. I thought to myself, lucky dude. As someone growing up in Europe, you enjoy the space, the time and encouragement to pursue the unconventional. I asked him, if there were extended periods of time he just practiced martial arts everyday. Sans work.

Well, he did, during summer holidays college years. Enter work. He decided to give himself a goal of practicing 365 hours a year. That makes 1 hour everyday. Simple right? He set up a separate blog to document his hours. And as the years went on, the hours increased.

I then thought to myself, good idea, I’ll do it!

I procrastinated for a week.

And yesterday, on 31 June, at the half year mark. I took out a piece of paper and decided to chart out a table… manually. 30 weeks till then end of the year. Shall not stress myself too hard – 5 hours every week, and anything extra will be bonus!

Shall call this personal project #Practice150.
After drifting around and getting distracted from several events, the past one year has seemed to set me back on the path for music. Started jamming, passed music theory exams, and recently started songwriting. But sometimes, I just wonder if things were moving..and sometimes, I just feel like it’s pointless. With this Practice150, I hope to become more disciplined in practicing and working on music. Every time I clock hours, I will shade off a block on my chart!


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