Egg Tarts in Hong Kong

After burning my tongue several times trying out the famous Tai Cheong egg tarts, I still can’t have enough of these piping hot goodies. It will always be a highlight of my trips to Hong Kong.

However, this time, I wasn’t able to make it part of my trip’s agenda since it was packed with meetings, and wouldn’t be in the Central area. I can only count myself lucky if I managed to pass by a bakery selling egg tarts…. which I did..while visiting a client Kwun Tong, Hoi Bin Road!

I was greeted by the buttery aromas from 蛋撻王(Dan Ta Wang, translated “Egg Tart King”)  while enroute to Ngau Tau Kok(牛頭角) Station.

Hong Kong SZ dec 2013

While I wasn’t sure of how this would compare to Tai Cheong, my “I-must-not-deprive-myself-of-egg-tarts-while-in-HK” attitude brought me into the store to scrutinize at the bright yellow tarts. After looking at the descriptions (flaky pastry, steamed milk custard, conventional, Portuguese, even durian..), I pointed at the most standard-looking one to order.

Paid quickly, I got it and walked to the sidewalk to have it while it was still warm.

Hong Kong SZ dec 2013
It crumbled at the sink of my teeth and melted in my mouth. It was a mess. BUT ITS SO GOOD.

I am happy. Eat egg tart. Checked.

*Did you know? Apparently there are 384 layers to the crust – a result of a meticulous process from the chef – or what they call “Master” (Shifu in Chinese).

Teabreak, 蛋撻王(Dan Ta Wang) 宏啟
九龍觀塘鴻圖道1號地下8號舖 27630892 27630632
Unit G8, 1 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kln.

Review Summary
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese Dessert

Price: $
Style: Bakery
Mood: Local
Service: Self-service

If you can handle it, try your hand at replicating these custard goodies at home. Recipe from Tai Cheong here.


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